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This is your area. I would love to hear about you and what you think of the website, The Sand Dancers book and its characters, or you can leave a comment for others who have enjoyed the story.

◊ Eleanor, age 9

"It was an awesome book, and i can't wait until i can read the next one. My favourite character was Lexie, because she loves dancing like i do. Do you like dancing?"

Lynda's reply:
Dear Eleanor,
I like Lexie too. She is funny, kind, and loyal to her friends as well as being an awesome sand dancer. I love dancing but sometimes my feet are always two steps behind what my brain is telling me to do. I am busy working on the next instalment called The Blue Moon Ballet. Let the Dance Begin!

◊ Alice, age 7

"It was a great book. Where do you get your ideas from? How long until the next book is out?"

Lynda's reply:
Dear Alice,
Thank you for your email. I really wish I knew where my ideas come from. They pop into my head at the funniest times. I spend a lot of my time daydreaming and that helps. When I was your age I was really lucky that my teacher, Mrs Clark, used to let me day dream in class. She even let me off maths once because I had an idea for a story!

◊ Precious, age 9

i think the book is great. i love all the chapters and miss waterhouse did a great job. Are you going to make another book about sandsdancers and cassie finding her mother?

Lynda's reply:
Dear Precious,
in the next Sand Dancers story which at the moment is called The Blue Moon Ballet you will find out some news about Marina Marramgrass. This story will be coming out in 2010.

◊ Caoimhe, age 10

"The book was absolutely brilliant. Its definitely one of the best books i read before and i read many. it did get a bit confusing with all the names but apart from that it was great. i cant wait for the next one and see if Cassie's mum is alive, i hope she is."

Lynda's reply:
Dear Caoimhe,
so glad you liked the story. Keep dancing!

◊ Hannah, Chicklish

"The author did a good job writing this! Most books for younger readers are written in such an unreal way that it's annoying. But this book was imaginative and suitable. The characters each had different personalities and I liked the focus on dance. Of course!"

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