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Meet the author

Meet the Author film

My name is Lynda Waterhouse, and I'm the author of The Sand Dancers. I've made a short film about the book and about me.
You can watch it by clicking here

Ask a question

Here's your chance to ask me anything about the book. Type your (sensible!) question here and I will post your questions on my message board which you can find on the "You" page on this website.

Things I love


I have always been a daydreamer and love to imagine other worlds. When I was ten I got a book about the Brontës for Christmas. I discovered that when the sisters and Branwell were young they created other worlds and characters even making tiny story books. I was intrigued by this.

The Borrowers

Mary Norton’s stories about the resourceful Borrowers always fascinated me. When I was playing Lego with my brother, John, we made up a character that I called Mrs Mallagoochi, who drove around in elaborate Lego vehicles causing all sorts of mayhem.


I have always loved Wales. We used to go on family holidays to Anglesey and stay on a farm. I remember being inspired by the Welsh countryside to write a poem that said, ‘I have hung my heart and soul on a faraway farm fence.’ I think that is true!

Keep on daydreaming!