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Fun Stuff

This is the page where you'll be able to find puzzles, challenges and sandsprite surprises.

If you fancy becoming a nature detective, why not try your hand at the Sand Sleuth Game (below). Or if you're Feeling Arty you might like to download a nature colouring sheet (right).

Sand Sleuth

The sand sprites share their sandy home with all sorts of creatures and wild plants.

To play this game, visit each page (except this one) on the website to look for the plants or animals hiding there. When you discover one, click on it - and it will appear here in the dune. When you have collected all six, you'll be given clues that will help you identify each of them. Good luck!

Image 1

Colour this


Get the first in a series of nature colouring sheets, drawn especially for the Sand Dancers website by my friend, Jenny Fell.

Click the pic to download

The photos below give you an idea of the flower colours. Have fun experimenting with different colours if you want to!