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If you go down to the sea today…

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The Sand Dancers' story

All the Sand Dancers are very excited - the Sandringham Dance School is going to reopen!

Cassie Marramgrass is desperate to win a place. Not only does she love dancing, but she is sure that the school holds the answers to her mother's disappearance.

Cassie's mother, the prima donna dancer, vanished on the night of the Great Sandstorm seven years ago. No one seems to know what happened to her and the dance school has been closed ever since - until now!

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"I’m so excited about the Sand Dancers website. Shell, Lexie, Rubus and I have lots of ideas of things to share with you from sandsurfing tips, recipes, colouring sheets, dance steps and nature notes. So keep checking the website and we’d love to hear from you!."


  • Making friends. I was very lonely at Mite Cove.
  • I really love the feeling when I have practised and practised and I finally get a dance step right.


  • A good rage stomp on the beach always helps me when I’m feeling grumpled.
  • Sand surfing


  • My mother Marina Marramgrass, the finest sand dancer ever!
  • I adore dancing by the light of a silvery moon, samphire buns and secret moonlight picnics


  • Sage tea
  • When I can’t get the dance steps right
  • When sand sprites are mean to each other because they are jealous
  • All the rules in the Sands Of Time