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Welcome to the home of the Sand Dancers

Lynda Waterhouse

I first encountered the sand sprites whilst walking in the Ynyslas Sand Dunes in Mid Wales. I spent many years building their trust and finally they allowed me to tell their story. It helped that my husband had hitchhiked through the Sahara desert and so was known to them.

There were conditions of course. I had to promise that I would care for the dunes and all the creatures and plants that depended on them. I had to agree to keep the rules in the Sands of Time and try my best to learn the seven basic dance steps.

So put on your dancing shoes, check out this fab website and

Dance of the sand sprites

Click the play button to hear the Sand Dance, composed by my friend Theo Jamieson

Jealousy, betrayal, love and friendship…

All the Sand Dancers are very excited - the Sandringham Dance School is going to reopen!

Cassie Marramgrass is desperate to win a place. Not only does she love dancing, but she is sure that the school holds the answers to her mother's disappearance…

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Dance steps

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